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Oh my God, I just watched the trailer. I am honestly so excited I'm shaking and I have no where else to talk about it but here. Is anyone else excited cause I know I am! Squee! Squee Bounce Anna squee Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] OMGsqueeeee.... 

So, new layout... I'm sure I'll get used to it, but it was so not what I wanted to see first thing when I woke up. lD

Opinions, everyone? xD

EDIT: I lied. It looks like shit. Someone help me. I feel like I'm drowning in facebook all over again.
Welp, we are officially moved! While the hotel stay would have been nice, trying to pack 10-14 days worth of things would have been impossible and we had already spent our food budget on things you can't cook in a hotel room. Plus, the new apartment is way better! We're right in the front with a grass field right outside our back gate, there is a ramp for my Dad so now he doesn't have to struggle to get down stairs and then have us put his chair down on a board, the carpet and paint looks great and the linoleum is much better and not bubbled like they had it at the last place.

Anyways, a quick rundown of what happened; On Thursday (Around 4:00pm) the head of Management here came and told us that we would be moving to a new apartment in the complex. They would give us the key Saturday, and the movers would be here the same day. My little sister and I stayed up all night packing and fixing things up so the movers could get the big boxes and furniture. We did the same thing Friday as well, but our older sister Jen came and helped out. Now, packing six YEARS of living in 1 and a half days was a pain in the ass, but we got most of it done. 

The Movers came at 10am, two hours early, before we even had the key. I rushed out to get the key, things jammed up a bit there, but we got it. The Movers came in to look things over and figured there would be about 5-6 hours of work. There were only cleared for 2-3 by the apartments. It was just two guys and a truck who had to move us down less than a 100 feet. They called their manager, and that's where things went downhill. The guy was an absolute asshole. First off, they didn't want to move my Dad's oxygen machine or tanks. It was a hazard. We said fine, we'll move them. Then the guy started bitching about all the boxes. Excuse me, but your guys are getting paid $250.00 an hour to do it! They ended up being extremely rude about the whole thing. Then they wanted to reschedule for Tuesday. They wanted us to live in a place we had already packed up for three more days. Ugh. Eventually, my Dad called the office and said we needed someone else and we didn't want people we didn't feel comfortable with touching our stuff. We also found out that the guy had the audacity to say my Mom was smoking right next to the oxygen machine and make up a bunch of shit. Sorry, but smoking isn't illegal, and she wasn't near the oxygen. Asshole. In the end, the office wanted to reschedule as well, but my sister's boyfriend (Gary) and his son (Jacob) helped us. It took about 6 hours of solid work to finish moving the big stuff, and we finally turned the key in today.

Overall, I'm happy with the outcome and now we have internet and cable! Yay! <3 I'm tired, and still a bit sick, so I think I'll lay down. If you read all that, you get a cookie! >3< Oh, and I have a desk and Minecraft! Hell yeah! <3
I haven't posted a journal or anything for a while, so I decided to do so now, before things get any more insane on my end. xD

Yesterday, we learned that we have a major mold problem in our apartment. They will have to completely tear apart our bathroom, and so, it looks like we'll be moving (Unless managment decides they'd rather put us up in a hotel for 10-14 days). That would be great, except both my parents are physically disabled. Hopefully, because it is the apartment's fault and they want us to move on such short notice, they'll hire some people to help. I've also got a cold at the moment, so that sucks.

As for art, well, I still have little motivation for it, but maybe after the move, I'll start feeling better. Not only can mold cause some serious health issues after such a long period of time, but things have been rough and I am a bit depressed. 

On a more positive note, the things happening with my sister and nephew, that I may or may not have mentioned to some of you is complete. Case closed! :happybounce:  And he'll probably be starting school soon as well! :heart:  

I've got a lot of ideas, and I still have a long list of things to do. I'm thinking that once I find motivation, I'll do some sketch sheets for my friends and just draw a few things as an apology, and then erase my Project List, because it is intimidating and really, I don't even remember what gave me most of the ideas on there Lol. 

Anyways, I hope you're all doing well! Hopefully I'll talk to some of you soon! :D 


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